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Tasos, an organic famers since 30 years in his fifties, is one of the big player on the citrus organic market in Greece.

After he went broke in the early 2000's, he worked as the man in charge for a wholesaler until he could start fresh again with citrus farming.

He cultivates about 14 hectares spread on 35 different plots located in the region of Argos, one of the 3 main citrus areas in Greece, a little over 30 minutes from Lecheo.

He can be considered as a visionary farmer, both for the long term cultivation strategy he designed and implemented (he picked different varieties on the same plot, alternated them, and planted new trees between old ones, and pruned the old ones carefully to give the new ones enough space and light, with a view to graft later the old ones) and for his fertilization methods (he sprays his trees with a mixture of decomposed algae he finds in his water tanks and fish he leaves in there to decompose).

A jolly and energetic character who always makes himself available and saved Koinobio more than once, bringing mandarines and oranges at the last minute when the initial plan went off :)