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"I am a professional beekeeper specialized in the processing of beekeeping products. From an early age my love for bees and nature led me to follow this career.

Me and my family we own a small production unit of about 250 bee herds. I am collecting honey from a variety of blooms all over Greece depending on the ecosystem.

My major concern is the quality of the product without  neglecting the bee care.
My involvement with beekeeping led me to the production of natural cosmetics that in its composition includes beekeeping products. I have attended numerous seminars in private and public bodies related to my subject and I have a certification of manufacturing natural cosmetics from the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

I produce all beekeeping products I use in my preparations from my apiary. 

I am a beekeeper instructor and I have delivered seminars regarding natural cosmetics, soap and beekeeping products processing at the School of Agriculture Peloponnese as well as in beekeeping associations."