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After his studies in Australia in the 1980s, Vangelis returned to Greece where he took over the management of the family farms in Lecheon, Corinth. Upon continuing the tradition of cultivating conventional produce for a few years, he felt that this method was leading him to a dead end. 

Vangelis decided to switch to organic farming in the early 1990s, a decision which proved to be both personally and professionally satisfying and rewarding. During this period he met Panos Manikis and Giannis Varelas who introduced natural farming to Greece and Europe. This was part of the reward. Vangelis participated voluntarily in many events organised by Panos and Giannis, such as sowing clay balls in areas devastated by fire or in school fetes in Lecheon high school as well as other high schools around Greece. Young students were also supported to sow and grow heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties. The aim was for the young to connect traditional knowledge and methods with people’s needs. Every year on Palm Sunday students would distribute the plants to visitors, promoting and disseminating their knowledge to the wider community.

His farms and vineyards are located in Lecheo.