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"I come from a rural family and so when in 2004 when I finished my studies and obliga ons in the army I started working professionally in agriculture. In the beginning I con nued what my father did, with arable crops such as co on, corn, cereals and animal feed, but at the same me, little by little, over the years I became involved in organic farming.
Now I have created my own organic farm ‘Tysanos’ (Θύσανος) and I grow plants such as sesame, cereals, industrial hemp, lavender, and some animal feed and in some of them with local traditional varieties.

I am a member of the Social Coopera ve Enterprise ‘Cannabio’ and also a member of the cul va on group of AEGILOPS – Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Greece. I am involved in organic farming because I believe it is the only way to better food, and a better environment."

Sesame, Sesame paste (Tahini)

"I cultivate a traditional variety of sesame (brown sesame) since 2012. The cultivation is a marriage between traditional and modern techniques. Harvesting we do by hand, we cut the sesame while still green and make into bails that are stacked standing in the sun to dry. After they dry, we shake them on cloths by hand, then the seed is cleaned of foreign matter and goes for grinding. This was we assure the best quality for the sesame seeds. The processing is done in a partner in Athens, it is washed, roasted at a low temperature at 60 degrees and ground in a stone mill, with its bark and it becomes wholemeal tahini. All with the standards of organic production and processing. It is controlled and certified by BioHellas."

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  • Parmenion Gatos
    Parmenion Gatos